Excuse me as I casually post another one of my silly crossovers… =.=
Eh… I’m not quite sure what this is. I imagine Giannini had something to do with it? He probably tried to “upgrade” one of the Vongola’s gadgets, accidentally bringing six trolls that look and act remarkably like the Varia to their own world… yeah… that seems plausible.
Either way Tsuna’s left to deal with the mess…. just as always XDD


Sooo this is another fanfic of mine :) It includes 8-year-old Belphegor, teenage Squalo and some teenage Xanxus… yes, randomness… and chewing gum… and disaster (as it usually happens when the Varia is concerned)! Just click the link and you’ll understand!

Other than that, I can also really imagine Squalo trying to work with a tablet and getting frustrated because he just… doesn’t get it. And then you’d have Bel of course, changing the language settings to Malay or Arabic or something while Squalo’s away just to get on his nerves XD
It’s no wonder Squ has given up on understanding technology!
Oh, I have all my fingers, the knife goes chop chop chopIf I miss the spaces in between, my fingers will come offAnd if I hit my fingers, the blood will soon come outBut all the same, I play this game, cause thats what its all aboutOh, CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOPIm picking up the speedAnd If I hit my fingers then my hand will start to bleed
Uh… yeah… some classmates of mine were playing that at school today (with pens, luckily, because they actually hit their fingers several times) and I couldn’t help but think of Bel for some reason XD
I can just somehow imagine him doing this to poor terrified people as he snickers his head off in amusement…? I don’t know… I just found it fitting!

gizmo-takamora: What where your guys thoughts when Sawada died?


Mammon: You’re referring to the events that took place in the future, are you not? I wouldn’t know, as I wasn’t there…

Squalo: VOOOOOOOOIIII! PATHETIC! That’s what I thought! How could the Vongola boss allow himself to be killed by a piece of shit like Byakuran?! Clearly it was their pathetic lack of training!

Xanxus: Trash.

Bel: Ushishi~ the prince always said that the Decimo was too soft for his own good. I was surprised though… Sawada beat boss after all, so how could he lose to a peasant like Byakuran?

Fran: Hmmm, he died very shortly after I joined the Varia… so I didn’t really think much of it…

Levi: Huh. I always knew Sawada wasn’t that strong. Bossu wouldn’t have let himself be killed like that.

Lussuria: It was a real shock… well, naturally none of us had ever thought Tsunayoshi-kun would die so soon… but it’s a natural part of life I guess, especially in the mafia. Death really isn’t that uncommon, honey. You learn to deal with it.

Well yes… it makes sense… or so I think anyways >.<
He’s an assassin, isn’t he? It would make sense that he knows how to use weapons other than his knives, even if he’d rather not and only does it if he really has to.
It was a dark night, just like one that had come right out of a horror movie. The wind blew, and dark leaves rustled, the sound of footsteps and panicked, erratic breaths overlapping the silence.
Seven figures stood out in the darkness, seven assassins in sailor suits. Their voices rang out, loud and clear.
"In the name of the Varia, we’ll punish you!"
They never had been his family, not really.